It is critical to our firm that we create an attractive environment for professionals as diverse as the world in which we live and the clients we serve. A diverse workforce provides insights and understanding of our clients’ needs, allowing us to serve them better. It also generates creativity and infuses us with new ideas and approaches. Differences in opinion, background, and belief make us more dynamic and better equipped to work with all types of clients and all types of businesses.

"The strategic vision for our future depends on an inclusive culture."

We put our vision into action at the highest level with a dedicated committee. Our Diversity Committee is led by a member of the firm’s board and includes both associates and shareholders. Making diversity a high priority is the primary mission of this committee. The firm’s commitment runs deep:

  • Larkin Hoffman was one of the first firms in Minnesota to elect a woman as president.
  • We were the first law firm in our market to launch a professional women’s networking event hosted by our women attorneys.
  • We are a member and active participant in Twin Cities Diversity in Practice, an association of major law firms and corporate legal departments dedicated to attracting, recruiting, advancing and retaining attorneys of color in the Twin Cities legal community.
  • 100% of our women attorneys are members of Minnesota Women Lawyers, actively engaged in mentoring students in our legal community and exchanging insights with members in affinity groups that address meaningful matters, including parenting for working professionals. As a leader in the legal community, we encourage others to participate and promote the cause of women in the professional market by sponsoring the association at one of its highest levels.
  • We offer domestic partner benefits.
  • The firm was an early supporter of LGBT organizations like Philanthrofund Foundation, Human Rights Campaign, Minnesota AIDS Project, and Outfront Minnesota.
  • We provide diversity training opportunities for our attorneys to learn more about themselves, their colleagues, and the clients we serve.
  • We have a generous paid parental leave policy for our associates who become parents, through either birth or adoption.
  • We have a flex-time policy for shareholders and associates, as well as a progressive part-time policy. These programs allow associates to continue on their path to becoming shareholders.

We ensure our long-term objectives with continual self-assessments of the organization’s progress in reaching and maintaining our standards. Meeting this challenge is a top priority for the firm.