Utilizing resources in a responsible manner – with efficiency and care – is an extension of our philosophy of providing quality service at a reasonable cost. We continually look for ways that our firm can decrease consumption, conserve energy, reduce waste, increase recycling, and encourage sustainable practices for commuting and business travel. 

Larkin Hoffman has adopted a firm-wide sustainability policy which encourages behavior consistent with our belief that responsible, efficient use of resources is critical to providing a sustainable future for the planet and all of its inhabitants. In addition to benefiting the environment, acting as responsible stewards of resources reduces the firm’s cost of doing business and serving our clients. 

We live our commitment to sustainability in the following ways:  

  • Partnership with the American Bar Association – Environmental Protection Agency Law Office Climate Challenge, a co-sponsored program designed to encourage law firms to take simple, practical steps to become better environmental and energy stewards.
  • Mandatory double-sided print settings applied to all printers as default setting
  • Elimination of bottled water at the firm
  • Paper recycling boxes are provided at every desk and in the printing bays on every floor, resulting in many pounds of recycled paper annually.
  • Our office is located in the Normandale Lake Office Park, which has an Energy Star designation.
  • Our information technology department has upgraded our data servers to virtual servers.
  • We purchase paper that is made with at least 30% recycled material.
  • We partnered with our client, Mall of America, to co-host the Big Green Conference, the first environmental conference to be hosted at a retail facility.
  • Firm leaders serve on the board for the Minnesota Chapter of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), an organization with more than 15,000 member organizations from every sector of the building industry that works to promote buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable and healthy places to live and work.