Property tax assessments and special assessments are two ways the government can impose a tax on your land and property, whether it is residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural. The Larkin Hoffman real estate litigation team can appeal your property tax assessment to the Minnesota Tax Court.

The most common issues leading to property tax appeals include disputes over the estimated fair market value of the property, the proper classification of the property, and whether the property was assessed equally when compared to other similarly situated properties. Larkin Hoffman has the experience to help in any of these situations.

We also counsel clients regarding appeals of special assessments, which occur when a local government imposes a fee on property owners for local improvement projects, such as street construction, utilities or other enhancements. Minnesota law prohibits the amount of the assessment to exceed the benefit accrued to the property as a result of the improvement. Any amount above that may give rise to an appeal.

Our property tax clients include:

  • H.B. Fuller

  • Mall of America

  • Oppidan

  • Cresa Minneapolis

  • Union Bank

  • Westport Capital

  • Brehm Company

  • Central Bank

  • Continental Property Group

  • Cottonwood Plaza

  • SFI Limited Partnership

  • TMC Industries

  • CSM Properties

  • Lakepointe Holdings

  • The Bradshaw Group

  • Walser Real Estate

  • Walser Automotive

  • Excelsior Lake Apartments

  • Super America

  • Walmart

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